“Technology, when combined with innovation, produces the best outcome”

                    When it comes to the construction industry, Samparan Homes and Development has always managed to maintain its business empire throughout their journey of 15 years in the field of development as well as redevelopment. The quality assurances provided by them made them the master in the field of redevelopment. Around 1947, this business of construction started from scratch under the name of “Shree Shanti Jain Store” under the guidance of Mr. Dali Chand Jain, father of Mr Ramesh Jain, which included construction material like materials for home retail, all sorts of paints, hardware fittings, pipes, and plumbing tools. From the very beginning, we have been earning recognition for our construction projects. Our idea, to only target customer satisfaction, is the only proven reason for our success in this business.

                    Our concept of always ‘taking our workforce along’ has made us what we are today. Be it making the complicated constructions easier and way better or valuing our customers, we have always been known for understanding our duties towards the society. We, at Samparan, believe that we are indebted to our employees for all achievements in this business.‘Quality’ is our only focus when it comes to architecture. Our sole motto is to provide our customers with homes that have access to maximum amenities. Our past projects are all that speak of our excellence when it comes to construction. We are of the opinion, that everything from brickwork to floor plastering, requires team coordination from our end. With the aim of working for the betterment of our customers, our new project aims for the development of technologies for building green homes.


With a spellbound experience in construction business, under the roof of Shanti Group for about 40 years and in the construction business for 15 years, Mr. Ramesh Jain has always been one of the most eminent members in the field of construction industry. He has always maintained the vision of working for the development of the society. His beliefs in using branded products for his construction sites and quality assurance is what that has made him a master in this field. No compromise on the materials used for construction not only increases their goodwill but also makes their work stand out among all. His life lessons, attitude, and passion towards his work have made him an inspiration for many.
A man full of values, Mr. Ramesh Jain, is a believer of the fact, that only goodwill and reputation help one climb the ladder of success when it comes to business. Timely completion of the assignments, ensuring no compromise in the quality and their selfless motive of working for the development of suburban areas is what separates them from other competitive firms in this business.
Ankit Jain and Kapil Jain, sons of Mr. Ramesh Jain, accompany their father in the business. Taking forward the business with the values imbibed in him by his father will not only take their business to greater heights but will also ensure their remarkable presence in the society. The idea of working for the society with utmost quality assurance is something which they have inherited from their father. Not only they are maintaining the brand value established by their father, but they are also striving hard to make it even better in every possible way.
Their morale, dedication and hard work towards their business, will always make sure that this rollercoaster ride always turns up for them.

Our Team

Solicitor & Advocates :

M/S. Mehta & Co.
M/S. Vijay Vora
M/S. S. D. Mishra


M/S. Chamunda Consultancy Headed by Mr. Nilesh Makwana.
M/S.  Tarun mota Headed by M/S. Teerach.
M/S. TC Architects, Mr. Tushar B. Chhatbar.
M/R. Hiral Somaiya & Associates.

R.C.C. Consultant :

M/S. R.D. Magdum, R.C.C. Consultants
M/S. Godbole
M/S. R.O. Parikh

Vastu Consultant :

MR. Aditya Shashtri

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Carter Road No.04, Borivali (East), Mumbai - 400 066
Approx Area -38,000 sq.ft.


Kandivali Gaothan, M.G.Road, Kandivali (w), Mumbai.
Approx Area - 16,000 sq.ft.


DattaPadda Road, Ram Mandir Borivali(East).
Approx Area -35,000 sq.ft.


DattaPada Road,Ram Mandir, Borivali(East), Mumbai.
Approx Area - 32,000 sq.ft


Carter Road No.04, Borivali(East).
Approx Area -45,000 sq.ft